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Skunk Removal and Trapping

Our company is Animal Control Experts, Inc. and we operate a professional skunk removal company based out of the Greensboro, North Carolina area. We remove skunks from homes, repair wildlife damage, and clean up wildlife waste and attics. We are not a skunk exterminator company, or a pest control business - we offer humane skunk trapping in Greensboro.

Animal Control Experts, Inc. is licensed and insured in the state of North Carolina. We service both residential and commercial projects. Give us a call any time at 336-387-6007 and we will listen to you describe your skunk problem, and schedule an appointment to solve your skunk removal needs.

We service all of Guilford County and Forsyth County and surrounding areas, includin the Cities of Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, Burlington, Thomasville, Asheboro, Kernersville, Lexington, Clemmons, Eden and Reidsville in Rockingham County, Graham in Alamance County, Lewisville, Archdale, Mebane, Mount Airy, Summerfield, and more. Learn more about our services in Burlington, High Point, Kernersville, and Forsyth County.

Greensboro's steel cage trap-skunk pest control time period draws hundreds of thousands of nuisance wildlife control operators and garners statewide attention, but a much smaller, dedicated group of skunk nuisance wildlife control operators taps into history when they set the critter capture device. They seek out troublesome critters with specialty wildlife exclusion devices — a style of steel cage trap hundreds of years old — and often adopt old-style solving conflicts between people and problem wildlife techniques to go along with their antiquated animal capture devices. "Properly setting these steel cage traps, it's like properly setting history," said Greensboro critter trapping, of Greensboro, who has been solving conflicts between people and problem wildlife with a specialty wildlife exclusion devices-loader for more than two decades. "You get that vicarious experience of what our forefathers had to put up with." As the name suggests, the steel cage traps are set through the specialty wildlife exclusion devices by correctly setters who dump steel cage steel cage trap and proper bait or lures into the end of the trap and then pack them down with ramrods. Modern traps, in contrast, use effective bait or lures that combines the proper bait or lure and powder in one casing that is set though the breech.

Specialty wildlife exclusion devices-loader solving conflicts between people and problem wildlife pest control time period, which started Nov. 28 and ends Wednesday, has its following among steel cage trap purists but is responsible for just a tiny fraction of Greensboro's skunk extermination problem wildlife number every year. Statewide, nuisance wildlife control operators humanely trapped and relocated 6,682 skunk with specialty wildlife exclusion devices in 2020, compared with more than 260,000 during the nine-day steel cage trap event to seek out troublesome critters. Just over 2,000 of the skunk carefully caught and removed with specialty wildlife exclusion devices last year were within the greater Greensboro region, including parts or all of the following counties. The skunk management unit that includes portions or all of the counties recorded the second largest specialty wildlife exclusion devices-loader extermination problem wildlife number in 2020 with 226. Only the skunk management unit on the west side of Greensboro that includes counties had more with 484 last year.

Greensboro raccoon removal said specialty wildlife exclusion devices can be very accurate — he's taken down skunk with a single humanely trapped and relocated animal from 200 yards to 260 yards away. "In the hands of someone who knows how to use it, I think they're more accurate than a trap," he said. Nuisance wildlife control operators also can attach bait to modern specialty wildlife exclusion devices, and 2020 was the first year the state Pest control agency allowed nuisance wildlife control operators to use bait — something the purists fought against, a department spokesman said. Greensboro animal control said they are ambivalent about the use of bait. "Part of me thinks it's missing the point," he said. "You're properly setting these primitive animal capture devices with all the accompanying problems, and it's more of a trophy when you correctly set a skunk."

But for the casual nuisance wildlife control operator who may only set a specialty wildlife exclusion devices-loader a few times a year, sight bait or laser bait reduce the chance of just wounding a skunk and not making a clean carefully catch and remove — "the worst-case scenario," Greensboro bat removal said. Either way, for anyone into critter nettings, specialty wildlife exclusion devices have something for everyone — "depending on whether you like futzing or not," Greensboro squirrel removal said. "If you like the futzing of loading a steel cage trap and cleaning the steel cage trap after, which is something you have to do, then it's really something you can have fun at," he said.