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Our company is Animal Control Experts, Inc. and we operate a professional wildlife removal company based out of Forsyth County, North Carolina. Examples of common jobs that we do include the removal of squirrels in attics, complete rat removal and prevention, removal of bats from buildings, bird prevention, raccoon trapping, snake removal, and more. We remove dead animals from homes, repair wildlife damage, and clean up wildlife waste and attics. We are not a Forsyth County exterminator company, or a pest control business - we offer humane animal trapping in Forsyth County.

Animal Control Experts, Inc. is licensed and insured in the state of North Carolina. We service both residential and commercial projects throughout Forsyth County. Give us a call any time at 336-387-6007 and we will listen to you describe your wildlife problem, and schedule an appointment to solve your Forsyth County wildlife removal needs. Unfortunately, we do not provide free Forsyth County wildlife control services. We are a private company.

We service Winston-Salem, Bethania, Kernersville, King, Lewisville, Rural Hall, Walkertown, Clemmons, Tobaccoville, Germanton, Abbots Creek, Belews Creek, Bethania, Broadbay, Clemmonsville, Kernersville, Lewisville, Middle Fork II Township, Old Richmond, Old Town, Salem Chapel, South Fork, Vienna, Winston, and more.

Greensboro raccoon

What to do about a wild animal under the porch? this is a question, which is imposed by Forsyth County homeowners who have to deal with this problem frequently. It is dependent upon you that what kind of treatment should be given to the animal because planning is done accordingly. In case you are willing to leave the animal alone and don’t want to disturb it, then it is best to follow the procedure, which we will describe below.

It is the best solution to leave the animal on its own. The point to highlight is that normally animals, which reside under decks or porches don’t impose any kind of threat. In case you have dog and are thinking about an encounter between dog and animal, then it is best to alert the animal by simple claps. In this manner, animal will be alerted like skunks, opossum raccoons etc and they will move towards safety. It is best that wild animal should be provided proper time for taking cover and it should not come across your pet. At the same time you have to be extremely careful in managing things because one mistake can prove to be fatal.

Now if you are interested in not leaving the animal undisturbed or the case is that its presence is creating a lot of trouble for you, then it is best to take the procedures, which are effective. It is more related with finding the entry point that is being used by wild animal for gaining access into your property. After determining entry points with a lot of care it is extremely important that you should take necessary steps for blocking them. The case can be that animal may be finding something attractive inside your porch so it is best to take decent steps for ensuring that your porch becomes less attractive for it.

Some of the strategies that can be used for repelling Forsyth County nuisance animals are being mentioned below

• You should place a talking radio in the region where animal pays frequent visits. In this way it will get the impression that people are around so it will avoid visiting the region.

• In place of radio bright lighting sources can also be used as they are considered as extremely effective for you. They will scare the animal and it will stay away from your property in a convincing fashion.

• If the problem is getting out of control you can get in touch with Forsyth County professionals.

For more info about our Forsyth County wildlife removal services, click on: Greensboro Animal Removal.