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Bird Spike Installation

Bird spike basically refers to placing spikes on places one does not want large Greensboro birds to land or rest on. Not everybody wants birds in their compound; therefore this is a solution to those who do not like birds all over the place.

What surfaces canyouplace the bird spikes on?
- Window sills
- I-beams,
- Parapet,
- Roof lines to mention but a few.
You may not want the North Carolina birds on the said surfaces because they destroy surfaces with their claws; leave their droppings which may be dangerous, unhygienic and a ghastly sight.

What you need to do
First of all, you need to acquire the bird spike, which can be found in local animal control stores. Secondly, be sure that the birds you are looking to fend off are off larger sizes like Greensboro pigeons and gulls. Otherwise smaller birds simply squeeze in and settle down comfortably.

Once you are ready
- Clean the surface you want to mount the bird spikes on thoroughly
- For wooden surfaces, firmly secure the bird spikes with screws. The bird spikes come with holes that are at least six inches apart for easy fixing purposes.
- If the surface you want to fix the bird spikes on is a concrete surface, you may want to use construction grade adhesive to fix it on the surface.
- Some companies will include adhesive in the package. If they do not, ask at the store you are buying the bird spikes from on the best glue to use.

How they work
When a North Carolina bird comes to land on a surface it likes resting on, it will find the spikes, which would automatically hurt it. Because of this, it will be deterred from landing their ad in the future, it will avoid that area. Smaller birds though, can sometimes fit within the spikes and therefore it will not work to deter them.

Take caution
As they are rightfully named, they are spikes; this means that mishandling the spike can easily get you injured.

Also, as you clean the surface, it is best to wear gloves and a face mask as bird droppings sometimes carry disease causing organisms. Besides, its poop, so it is unhygienic handling it without proper protection. You may also want to take into account the fact that you are only trying to deter a small number of Greensboro birds. If you have whole flocks trying to land on your sills and frames, you are better advised to use permanent ways of removing the birds, for instances fogging or netting them. Remember, if the job seems hard, it is best to employ the services of a professional. Otherwise, good luck.

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